Wireless Solutions in Hayward, CA

Are you tired of dropped calls or lack of reception? Is your business losing revenue and/or customers by not maximizing employee productivity? If your employees don’t have full access to their smartphone features, most likely you are! Our company’s wireless solutions in Hayward, CA work with all sizes of businesses to resolve weak voice and data signals. We have a decade of experience in Signal Boosters technology and provide an array of commercial Signal Booster solutions. We can help with everything from a couple of employees in a construction trailer, M2M coverage, high-end residential buildings, to a couple of hundred workers in a manufacturing facility. Let Absolute Signal help unlock the potential of your wireless devices.

Our Solutions

Absolute Signal prides itself on offering in-building wireless solution that are planned by the industry’s most innovative and skilled engineers and architects, installed by accomplished technicians, and maintained by diligent operators. The team features a conglomerate of wireless and utility industry experience that works to deliver turnkey solutions and best-in-class services to wireless carriers and enterprise clients.



Selected Clients