HiBoost Industrial 50K

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The Industrial 50K provides uncompromising performance for enterprise and commercial signal issues. With 72 dB of gain and 23 dBm of downlink power, the 50K excels at providing solutions in downlink limited scenarios where strong cellular signal exists outdoors but needs to be brought into a building. With carrier grade components and precision engineered design the 50K is easily able to cover even the largest buildings with enhanced cell signal.


With a design focused on supplementing networks to carrier specifications you can rely on the 50K for any project. It is built with a durable aluminum chassis, extensive RF shielding, a top of the line heat sink and components that meet and exceed 3GPP standards to provide the best solution every time.


The 50K is an ideal enterprise solution for users who need a cell signal enhancement solution that is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The full function LCD display on the Industrial 50K facilitates easy setup and troubleshooting.


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