HiBoost SLX – Commercial Cell Phone Signal Booster

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With 72 dB of gain, the SLX gives RF professionals unsurpassed flexibility in designing custom tailored solutions. From gain limited systems in remote areas to high performance distributed antenna systems, the SLX is the premier choice for non-Industrial applications.


The SLX’s carrier-based design features a sophisticated passive cooling system integrated into the unit’s aluminum chassis. Combined with rugged construction, extensive RF shielding, and compact footprint allow it to be mounted just about anywhere.


Supported by Hiboost’s exclusive Signal Supervisor Application, The SLX’s IoT functionality makes it an ideal enterprise solution for users who need a cell signal enhancement solution that is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The cloud-based Signal Supervisor Application sends push notifications to the user’s mobile device in case of power failure and or a malfunction. The app also allows IT professionals and technicians to monitor the SLX and to adjust the attenuation of the uplink and downlink gain in all five frequency bands.  This functionality is also available at the unit’s LCD display


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