SureCall CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable


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LMR grade cable is constructed from Polyethylene jackets for better UV and weather protection from harsh weather elements.

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Product description

SureCall CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable is an LMR-400 type cable with N Male connectors.

CM400 is a very low-loss 50 ohm cable compatible with all the 50 ohm amplifiers on our site. When used correctly, the CM400 cable can be used for cable runs in excess of 150ft. The cable is light, flexible and weatherproof. This cable has N-male terminated ends, designed for our residential amplifiers. If it is being used with a mobile/vehicle amplifier, additional cable connectors may be needed.

CM400 cables are most commonly used in building wireless repeater kits. Building Installation calls for cable to be placed between the external antenna and amplifier, and between the amplifier and the internal antenna. For shorter cable lengths (esp. in vehicles), RG58U cable may be preferred. Our RG58U cables come terminated with a variety of different cable connectors, which might be more suitable if the cable length from a mobile antenna is being extended. This cable has a higher loss, so it is only available in lengths up to 20ft.

Product options

The CM400 cable comes in black and in a variety of lengths. Remember: Coaxial cable attenuates the cellular signal. In order to improve performance use the smallest cable length possible. All cables are N-Male to N-Male except for lengths longer than 100ft.

  • CM001-02 2′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-10 10′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-20 20′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-30 30′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-50 50′ CM400Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-75 75′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-100 100′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-500 500′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable
  • CM001-1000 1000′ CM400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable


SKU CM001-02
Impedance 50 ohm
Connector type N-Male (CM001-02)
N-Male (CM001-10)
Color Black

Additional information

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10 ft. +$14.00, 100 ft. +$83.00, 1000 ft. +$883.00, 2 ft., 20 ft. +$23.00, 30 ft. +$33.00, 50 ft. +$43.00, 500 ft. +$434.00, 75 ft. +$63.00


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